Instinct Art Productions
Cinematography by Rob.


INSTINCT ART PRODUCTIONS. Videoproduction made in Bielefeld.


Hi, my name is Rob.

I'am working as freelance DOP and director.

My passion from film evolved from the painting and illustrations I did as a child. I love to express myself trough pictures. Since I first got my hand on a camera I never stopped to create something. Film is a language we all speak.

The most important part of filmmaking are the emotional bonds between humans and their eviroment. I love to picture them together with the asthetics of beautiful but honest imgagery.

Lately i got in touch with fashion films and narrative commercial shoots which i really enjoy.

I have experience from Film and TV. I'am currently finishing my media production study. Since 2015 I'am working under the name of the Instinct Art Productions.

The INSTINCT ART wolf is a preditor.
— So am i.

Preproduction. Directing. Editing.

From start to finish the INSTINCT ART PRODUCTIONS can develop your idea and bring it to life! We have a network of strong idividuals from the region to professionally create your vision!

We're here to leave a mark! So lets create some impressive stuff!